Charged transaction fee but no BAT taken for supply


25 minutes ago I supplied BAT to Compound. Transaction fee was taken but no BAT was supplied?

Hash: 0xfbce0be9b55ffc71c752f7d3345687bf8b76a3cc760228b86aa5bcb97af7cb97

Any insights would be appreciated.

You approved cBAT to withdraw BAT, the next step is to mint cBAT. Call mint() on the cBAT contract 0x6c8c6b02e7b2be14d4fa6022dfd6d75921d90e4e.

Thanks for that but how do I mint it? Sorry - first time using this platform.

Actually, you need to complete 2 step to supply BAT token on Compound

  1. enable(BAT token)

  1. supply

I think that what you did is “enable”. so, what you need to do is taking “supply” step.

Thanks Dakeshi. I did skip this step. Wasn’t sure about paying twice since the gas is so expensive now. Much appreciated.

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