COMP transfer from Binance to Kraken with wrong network

Hello, I have an issue with a transaction.

I made a transaction of COMP from my account on binance to my account on kraken using BEP20 network. However kraken does not support this network. So my COMP left binance and never arrived on kraken. It is still on the blockchain. How can I get it back, transfer it back to binance for example. Thanks for your help.

I am not sure what bep20 is?

This is a network, its also called binance smart chain (BSC) and apparently Kraken does not support this network.
However i sent the crypto on the correct adress but because of that network I’m not able to get them back. (either on kraken or even back to binance). which is not normal.

In this situation, you would need Kraken to help you recover your tokens. Only they have the private key which can access the COMP on BSC. Unfortunately, the exchanges either will not cooperate, or will charge incredibly high fees to manually recover tokens like this.

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Thanks for this information.
What do you call incredibly high fees ? 100 or 200 euros or even much more ?
Can still be interesting for me since I have 10 COMP to recover.

Do you know the step how to make this operation ?

Appreciate your help.



I do not know what the policies of Kraken are. You should contact their support line. Regardless, it definitely will be a hard process to go through because it is on BSC. This user posted that Kraken would charge 0.25 BTC to recover incorrect tokens sent.

I am the fellow referred to in regards to the 0.25 BTC fee for recovering my cDAI/COMP transaction from Exodus(not Kraken) to Bittrex. They did not recover them for a 50/50 split that I offered, and to this day remain stagnant on a ERC20 contract. I lost my home and car from that goof I made. Be very wary of any of the altcoin transactions, it’s a dog eat dog world in the cryptoverse.

Wow that sucks for you …
I lost also a bit but it will be ok even if I’m still struggling to find a solution to get them back.
Actually I know that there is a way to get them back but need to private key from kraken.
Will ask them but quite sure they will not give it to me…
Indeed it’s a very tough world where mistakes are not allowed…
Hopefully one day the system will change and they will send it back where it comes from and we will get our crypto back. May be I dream a little bit.

Fortunately, I am working with the Compound community to help return funds accidentally sent to Compound smart contracts. DeFi has a learning curve, and we should try to help those who make mistakes. Good luck on your future DeFi ventures.

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Thanks for what you do. If you or anyone else have a contact to kraken that is willing to cooperate do not hesitate to let me know.
I know it’s a 5 min job and not complicated one to get them back but only Kraken can do it I think.
Regarding the expected fees for this operation, it varies so let’s see, step by step.

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I appreciate your sentiment and well wishes. All is not lost for me so worry not, I still have my cat, good health, a new home, and have bounced back financially. I hope you and I, as well as all others are able to regain control of the capital losses incurred from our missteps.

Is the glass half full or half empty? It depends what was last done with it; if it was last filled it would be half full, whereas if it were last drank from it would be half empty. Let’s fill our glasses.

If there is anyway for me to contribute at all whether it be coding, debugging, investments, or even just raw manpower please let me know and I will jump at the chance. I see such potential in the community and the comradery that is growing in it. Thank you for caring about other’s wellbeing!

Hello, did you find solution to your problem? Having same probleme . Thanks in advance

Dear sir, my situation was I sent my ethereum coins to compound ethereum address from coinbase wallet. The coinbase customer service I need is seek compound customer service to help. Please advise. Thank you!